Boracay Island

Gran Prix Express Inn Tarlac

Tarlac City, Philippines

Whether you're an executive on the go or a tourist on the lookout for adventure, Gran Prix Express Inn Tarlac provides you lodgings that are amply furnished but inexpensively priced. Your meager means will get you a long way as you're already assured a room that has cable TV, Internet access, and running hot and cold water. And with a strategic location accessible to Luzon's various city centers, you can close business deals in no time. Meanwhile, if trekking is more your field, hiking trips to Mt. Pinatubo are easy to find, where you can have picnics, bathe in hot springs, or ride a canoe on the crater lake.

Locked-in Coolness and Complete Silence

For low rates, you can have a choice of a room or suite, stylishly suited to your modern sensibility. Your Tarlac inn accommodation wards off the tropical heat with air-conditioning and vehicular noise with soundproofing.

In You Come and Out You Go

In a matter of minutes, you can be all settled in in Tarlac City. Our express check-in/ check-out counter brings you urban convenience in this agricultural goldfield. Gran Prix Express Inn Tarlac surely knows the urgency of each moment.

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